MK 48 Torpedoman
Navy and Civilian

These pages are dedicated to all MK 48 IMA Torpedoman.

This site is for all who supported the building and testing of the MK 48 torpedo including Civilians. For all intents and purposes the civilians in our program have proven to be of Torpedomen material and in my mind should be honored as such.

If you have suggestions let me know, I will do my best to support them.  Use this site as a means to contact friends and keep people informed of any important things that may be going on.  In order to do that, contact me via e-mail and I will post it on a page as soon as I can.  I intend to develop a forum that can be used to post information, but that will be later.

Special recognition is given to JP Jinnette. 

Upon JP’s passing I felt compelled to continue his work. It was JP that first developed the archive of MK48 Torpedoman.  For that reason I devote this site to him.